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Our Norfolk Ponds Project relies on the support, engagement and inspiration of the wonderful farmers, landowners and volunteer groups that we work with to improve aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity on our wonderful rural farmland. From the bees to the birds, the algae to amphibians, UCL research has demonstrated the incredible impact a pond restoration can have.

Be one of the BIG 50!

If you are a landowner, farmer or a voluntary group planning a pond restoration or creation this Autumn please join us and make your pond one of the ‘BIG 50’! There is a lot of excellent work for farmland wildlife enhancement being undertaken across the country and it is wonderful to hear about what you are up to and acknowledge your biodiversity conservation achievements!

In Norfolk, Lancashire and Gloucestershire, there may be some funding available to assist your pond restorations. If you are based in Norfolk, and would like to find out more about potential assistance, our NPP Partners, Norfolk FWAG and UCL are taking the lead on this and have produced an ‘Expression of Interest’ form which you can fill in.

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