With a bed of Mentha aquatica hanging on in the part of the pit basin still exposed to sunlight, this pond is ideally situated to maximise its biodiversity conservation and connectivity potential. The pond has a wide buffered margin and sits next to a plot of wildflower mix. Behind the pond a woodland habitat is also close to the pond. Based on this, it is hoped that when the water returns to the pond, local wildlife will be able to benefit from this additional habitat.

Helen Greaves explains the benefit of Wildflower Fringe Pit’s location for wildlife

Although much of the basin was dry underfoot, the centre was deep in organic matter, and this was removed by the digger.

Summer 2020

Returning in summer 2020, we find Wildflower Fringe Pit full of scarce Sine-leaved Water Dropwort which mast have spread out from the tiny patch that was present before restoration.