Tussock Sedge Pond is a half open pond in Hindolveston, Norfolk, named (unimaginatively!) because of the wonderful abundance of Tussock Sedge in the basin. Whilst the pond isn’t completely encroached by trees like many others, one huge willow dominated the basin causing the water to be completely absent by this point in the year.

One huge willow dominates the pond basin preventing the Tussock Sedge from colonising further

On the day of the UCL / NT Riverlands restoration, Ruddy Darters were observed ovipositing into the bank next to the pond.

After removing the giant collapsed willow, it became apparent how much of the pond basin it had shaded. A small amount of sediment was removed but the areas holding aquatic plants were left exactly as prior to restoration.

Pond at the end of the restoration…
After a few days the basin begins to get wet